CARAT – the Introduction Training – Part 1

Welcome to the CARAT introduction training

During the introduction training we will familiarise you step by step, with the use of the kitchen planning program CARAT. The series consist of 4 parts.
In these video series we will teach you all important functions, starting from the login in the program, via entering customer data, and completely creating a kitchen design, up to a finished quotation.

Working with the CARAT program can be divided into six components in total.
In Part 1 we will turn our attention to the two components Creating customers and Capturing the room situation. First you will enter all customer data and room dimensions, and learn how you can plan in and edit windows and doors.
In the succeeding parts of our series we will go into the components Entering the model data of the manufacturer, Planning in kitchen furniture, the Generating of long parts like plinths and worktops as well as the last component the Commercial processing.