Article sets

Modern kitchen suppliers are nowadays not only active in the field of kitchens and offer, based on the more and more flowing transitions between kitchen and other living areas, furnishing solutions which you can take over in the design of the room very easily with CARAT, provided that the manufacturer supports this in his catalogue data.
Regardless of whether you want to plan modern sideboards for the adjoining dining area, living room combinations, cloakroom or bathroom furniture, article sets make it much easier to plan complex combinations.
By entering an article number in the input dialogue you will get a graphical preview of the furniture. After having defined the head data in advance, simply select these combinations and your set will be included in the design at the position of the planning arrow.
You can of course also customise the complete sets individually. Change for example the rabbets of doors in a cloakroom combination or add additional lighting.
We will now show you how the planning of article sets works.