The Panorama Background

With the free panorama background module, which will be available with the newest Carat version, we offer you new possibilities to create your design more interesting and thus be able to present your customer the kitchen even more realistic.
In previous Carat versions the window backgrounds were often static and, depending on the selection of the designer, the backgrounds often repeated in several windows and as a result, the presentation did not always look realistic.
With the new update, the backgrounds move along with the viewer and give your planning a more realistic look.
In this tutorial we explain you now the panorama background function.
On the one hand you have the possibility to use the by Carat supplied 360° panoramas as backgrounds, make your own pictures at the clients location or on the other hand use other picture material provided by the customer or downloaded pictures from the internet. The pictures should be saved in JPEG or PNG format, so that Carat can display them. In this context, please always consider possible copyrights of the picture material used by you.