CARAT VR Virtual Reality the use of the Oculus rift glasses

CARAT VR Virtual Reality - The use of VR glasses with CARAT

In this tutorial we explain the operation of the CARAT VR glasses.

Make living and kitchen spaces a real 3D experience for your customers even before buying a kitchen for your customers. With the Oculus Rift VR glasses, the planned kitchen for your customer experience and walk. With the included controllers, your customer can teleport to any desired location of his dream kitchen and take a look at your planning from all angles.

A video about installing the Oculus Rift VR goggles on your system can also be found in the Carat Academy.

Notes before using the VR glasses:

Please observe the safety instructions that came with the glasses as a user manual.

The VR glasses can be operated both standing and sitting.

Ensure enough freedom of movement in the area of the user.